Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Quack Quack and Summer Time"

We spent a little Price Family Quality Time last night and took the girls to the neighborhood playground, which happens to be by a pond filled with ducks. There must be 50 ducks in this pond and when they see a bag of bread in your hand they all come "quacking" up to you for a little snack. The girls enjoyed feeding the, and watching the turtles and fish even sneak in a few bites.....well actually, Brooke ate almost every piece of bread we gave her to throw to the ducks, but we have hope she will eventually catch on. I loved this quality time with my girls, because my daddy used to take me to the local duck pond with bread in hand, and we would sit and talk while feeding the ducks. I wonder if my dad enjoyed watching the priceless smile on my face, as I did with my girls last night. Here are a few pics from the ducks and the playground, as well as a few cute cute cute videos of my silly kids!!!!

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