Friday, November 11, 2011

Bump Update...17 weeks

Baby Bump Update...17 Weeks 

*How far along?: 17 weeks 5 Days when this photo was taken

*Total weight gain: still around 4 pounds....hoping to stay on this track for a 35 lb gain total...fingers crossed

*How big is baby?: The size of an dollar bill...or a bell pepper. 

*Sleep?:Sleeping good, actually!

*Best moment this week?: Getting to feel the baby kick and move around for the first time...I even had my husband put his hand on my belly and HE even felt a faint kick. I'm telling you, this baby is going to be HUGE!

*Movement?:Yep, now I feel it all the time...this baby is a very busy little one...

*Food cravings?: Still no real cravings...bagel and cream cheese taste good to me this week, but not really craving them. There's nothing I feel I HAVE to have! With my last pregnancies, I would have pushed you down to get to a certain food...but not this time.

*Labor signs?: No, thank Goodness. 

*Belly button in or out?: Still in, but I don't have a deep belly button, so it will poke out soon! 

*What I miss: Still missing exercising, but also missing be able to go and do whatever I want. I still have to take it easy, and that's not easy for me.

*What I’m looking forward to: Getting to the half way point soon....I won't lie, I hate being pregnant with a ready to be "normal" again!

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