Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby Bump Update: 19 Weeks

19 Week Bump Update

Who swallowed a bowling ball this week?????? 

That would be me! Holy Cow, I really popped out this week. There is no more trying to hide it anymore. It's obvious that I am, indeed, pregnant! Wow!

This picture was taken at 19 weeks and 5 basically I am 20 weeks....I need to start taking these weekly pics at the beginning of the week.

*How far along?: 19 weeks 5 days when this photo was taken (and in regular clothes. yay!)

*Total weight gain: about 7 pounds...I gained 2 lbs this week...and that was BEFORE I ate Thanksgiving dinner. I shutter to think what next month's dr.'s appointment will show. ((sigh))

*How big is baby?: The size of a banana...10 inches long and about 8.5 ounces

*Sleep?:Sleeping good, actually!

*Best moment this week?:Just feeling better and being able to get out and about running errands. This is my last week of "bed rest"!

*Movement?: Oh yes! We have a very active little one! My oldest daughter was able to feel kicks this week.

*Food cravings?: Still no overwhelming cravings....but somehow I gained 2 lbs in a week, so SOMETHING must taste good to me! haha!

*Labor signs?: No, thank Goodness. 

*Belly button in or out?: Still in, but I don't have a deep belly button, so it will poke out soon! 

*What I miss:Sleeping on my stomach...sleeping good, but finding myself waking up  through the night when I turn's getting to be quite a task! ha!

*What I’m looking forward to: Bed rest ends this weekend... I can get back into exercising! SO excited to go for a walk!!!!! AND, we have our weekly ultrasound this coming Monday...but I still can't decide what to do about finding out the sex of the baby. It's kinda fun not knowing! ;-)

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Jill said...

Let me say WILL find out!!! You can't leave me hanging all the way out here not knowing! At least give the doc my number and let them tell me!!! LOL. Glad you are feeling good. Lets try for a phone date this upcoming week. XO