Monday, June 29, 2009

More Grocery $$ $aved

I just love clipping coupons... I don't care what they say about me :) I know I am saving money. How funny, that the family in front of me had a $125 grocery bill (and no coupons) and my heart actually sank for them. If they only knew what I now know about saving $$! Maybe I should have caught them out in the parking lot and given them a quick crash course. haha

Anyway, I did go to 2 stores this week...only beacuse Bi-Lo had their split chicken breats for $.99lb. I was able to get 12 large breats for $4 a pack! We grilled out with half of those this weekend, and had leftovers for Sunday lunch! So, at Bi-Lo I spent $18 and saved $21 on groceries....

At Publix, I spent $41 and saved $66.74...which gives me a grand total for the week of
SAVED $87.74

Here is a picture of my $41 bill from Publix....

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Gabby said...

Ok, can you give me a crash course!!!!