Monday, June 15, 2009

More CVS Savings!

I am just loving this "coupon" game!!! It's so much fun to see how much you can save! this week at CVS was a slow one...didn't save as much as I wanted, and there were a few things I needed that weren't on sale, so that' didn't help out...(if only my little stinker would potty train, I would not have had to buy those flippin' swimmy diapers that cost and arm and a leg...ugh!)

So, my CVS weekly trip today looks like this....

Out Of Pocket Expense $14.54
Total Savings $38.94

Not too bad.

I got 2 boxes of the new Purex laundry detergent sheets, 4 boxes of Kellog's cereal, a box of toothpaste, 3 toothbrushes, and a pack of swimmy diapers (like I said, I would have saved more if it weren't for the swimmy diapers)

Publix trip is tomorrow...can't wait to see my savings there!

1 comment:

Kelly M said...

I got the same toothbrushes and toothpaste! But I forgot to get the Purex stuff. Is it compatible for the HE washers?