Friday, May 30, 2008

Little Beach Bums

Our Sunday School class had a day at the beach last week! It was our first trip to the beach this season, and I was worried about how Brooke would do this year. Last year she had several mouthfuls of sand and it was such a hassle to take her....BUT this year was a different story! She loved it!!!! We stayed for 4 hours and when it was time to leave Faith nor Brooke was ready to leave. Looks like we will be making more beach trips this summer!!

Faith found a beautiful starfish on the beach, alive!! We brought him home (after we explained to Faith it would die if it came home with us). The next day Faith and Ryan bleached it and put it out in the sun to the backyard...where the dogs are......and Tucker, our dachshund ATE him. We were all just devastated!! But Faith got over it, and now we HAVE to go back to the beach to find another starfish!

Here are some pics from our trip. Aren't these girls the cutest you have ever seen?

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