Monday, March 30, 2009

A Weekend Get Away

This past weekend was spent at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC at Ryan's Army National Guard conference. This happens once a year, and I had been looking forward to it for quite some time now....a weekend get away with just temper tantrums, no diaper changing, no sharing the food on my plate....

Ahhhhhh, it was glorious!

The weekend was spent at the resort, which was absolutely beautiful..not to mention so big, that by the end of the weekend, we still had not figured out how to navigate around the place!

On Saturday night there was a formal, where all the women get dolled up in formal dresses, and the men wear their "dress blues", which is the formal wear for the Military. We were served a 4 course gourmet know, the kind of formal meal where you have so many forks and spoons sitting in front of you for each course, and you never know which one you are supposed to use first?!?!?! :)

We had a great weekend...we fitted in a little shopping, a little raquet ball, a little napping, and alot of socializing with the 500 other people there for the conference. It was some great quality time with Ryan...time we rarely get anymore due to work and kids. It's time spent with him like this past weekend, that makes me even more grateful for the wonderful man God has put into my life. And after 10 years of marriage, I continue to fall deeper and deeper in love with him each and every day!

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Kelly M said...

You looked so beautiful! I'm glad you had a good time.