Monday, October 27, 2008

A Magical Weekend

Ryan and I decided to take the girls to Disney World for a 3 day weekend trip....we kept it a secret from Faith until we got there, so she had no idea where we were going! Ryan's sister, Megan, and her boyfriend, Michael also came along with us. Since it was a weekend get-away we decided to only go to one park (if you have ever been to DW you know how expensive the tickets are just for ONE day) we got there when the park opened and stayed until it closed! Boy were we tired, but we had a blast!!!!

Brooke rode her first roller coaster....can you tell by the look on her face whether she liked it or not?!?!?!...

But she loved the Dumbo ride and waved to everyone on the ground..

...and no trip to Disney would be complete without a ride on the teacups...(can we say MAJOR motion sickness???)

Hooray for cotton candy...and junk food...ALL DAY LONG!!!

A Fun carosel ride...

Megan and her boyfriend, Michael...I think they had as much fun as the girls did!

Brooke was TERRIFIED of the life size characters...just look at her face and how she's trying to get as far away from them as she can!!!

Here we all are, at the end of the night...after 13 hours at the park!!!

Looks like she had too much fun!


Heads or Tails said...

Brooke's face is cracking me up! What ride was that?? I wish we could've gone with you!

Shoofly Mama said...

What fun! I love Faith's top. Katie says she'd be far away from that character, too. Topher loves that Brooke had her blankie with her all day. Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures. Now I want to steal away to WDW!!!