Friday, March 9, 2012

A Tween Bedroom Makeover....

I've been working on and off for a while on my 9 year old daughter's room.

She came to me one day and said she was tired of pink walls...that she was too old for pale pink walls.  Of course, I didn't think so.....are we ever too old for PINK??!?!? ;(

So, slowly, I brought myself around to the fact that she IS growing up, and maybe having pale pink walls is not the "coolest" thing to have.....


I mean, what was wrong with this room?!?...

This was her room before...yes, it's pale pink, but oh so cute. I really hated to change it.

So, I started searching around for ideas that we both could agree on.  

That's when I came across Emily Clark's Blog...and saw this picture pinned on Pinterest...


Now, we're talking. I loved it. My 9 year old loved it. Perfect! SO I went to work, and used the wall as my inspiration.

Then my daughter came to me and said she wanted this bedding for her room..

She's really into peace signs...and I'm a sucker for polka dots...AND this would totally help pull off the polka dotted wall I had planned. 

Another Win-Win situation for us both.

SO, I went to work...slowly but surely...because by this time, my morning sickness from my third pregnancy had kicked in and the thought of doing anything but laying on the couch trying to keep food down, was out of the question.

Then the morning sickness never went away....and the slow process on the room got even slower.....

So, I slowly worked on her room as I could....

And here I am....9 months pregnant...and am JUST at a point where I can say her room is finished. There are a few things I still want to do in here, but now I am just too big and miserable to do it. Soooo, without further hesitation, here is my updated daughter's for a peace sign lovin', pale pink hatin' 9 year old girl.....








(One wall is chocolate brown, while the rest are a khaki color)


You can read more about the cute lampshade HERE

Here are a few more shots of the room....doesn't it look like a FUN room?!?

(Window seat with storage for toys)

($4 Goodwill chair. Spray painted and recovered)

SO, there you have it. A non-pink "cool" tween room for a 9 year old...and I was even still able to keep a little pink in it without her getting upset! 

Even though there are a few things left to do in here (make a bed skirt and throw pillows for the bed) I don't see me getting them done before this baby gets here. Trying to get a nursery ready and redo this room has exhausted me. I think I will wait on the bed skirt and throw pillows!!!


Bedding: Potter Barn Teen
Wall Dots :
Bulletin Board : Lowe's (had it cut to a 4x4ft piece....painted the squares on myself
Chair : Goodwill...$4...spray painted it and recovered the seat with scrap fabric I already had

No new furniture was bought for her room..we simply moved what we already had around...she got some of the guest room furniture, and an old antique desk that was in another part of the house.

 I"ll be back soon to show you my nursery. I have it completed, but am waiting on the cushions to the glider I had recovered...they upholsterer is taking FOREVER! UGH!

Have a great weekend!


Natural-Nesters said...

So so so cute and I love the window seat in that fun! and huge! YOu did a great job! It was sad to see it change though b/c the first room was GREAT too!

Always Reading said...

I love love it!! I love the wall behind her bed. I love the window seat.

I am going to be redoing my 11 year old room. We are going to be doing a dolphin mural above her bed. I am going to draw it & she will help me paint it. I just hope I can find a dolphin comforter. If I can not find the sheets, I can do blue sheets. Do you have any thoughts? My daughter wants a dolphin room. You do such great rooms for your daughter. We just moved into our home. Thanks.

Amanda said...

So adorable! My 10 year old is asking for a new look for her 11th bday. I will show her this awesome wall!!

Lori said...

Love the change. My daughter is 11 going on 25 and she is wanting a new room too. I don't think she will go for polka dots, but the bedding is "totally awesome" according to her. Nice to find your blog and I am now following. I would love for you to stop by and follow back. Hope to see you soon, Lori

Emily A. Clark said...

The room looks great! I'm sure she's thrilled. Thanks for using my photo as your inspiration. Glad it helped :)

the cape on the corner said...

it looks great! definitely more tween, and even teen. this should last her for a good long while!

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

love the colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love it if you could share this on my link party - Serenity Saturday

Natasha xxx

Carrie Pasfield said...

Hi! I'm with Design Dazzle and I'm so tickled that you shared your room with us. I love what you did for your daughter. This is a cozy room that I'm sure she will enjoy for many years.

Stacey said...

Love this room - great way to freshen it up and I adore those polka dots! I pinned the same pic I think :o)
My Emma also loves peace signs...what is it with these kids nowadays??
Please come by my linky party hapening now to link it up - I would love to see you there!
Stacey of Embracing Change

Reenie said...

Oh how cute. Both rooms are actually. Love the bedding in both....and if the first bedding didn't have her monogram on it ~ I'd offer to buy it :) Can't wait to see the nursery.

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

What a fun room. I feel your pink pain. My daughter turned her back on pink around the same age.


I really wanted to give her a hot pink and black & white toile makeover. But looks like we're either yellow & gray or blue & gray.



Jodi said...

Hi! I saw your link on the Design Dazzle site and I love this room! My daughter just turned 10 and we are going thru the same thing! We already have this same PB peace sign quilt and the polka dot wall would be a great way to segway her hopefully to her teens.
Thank you for such great inspiration and ideas!

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

You did SUCH an amazing job!! Love the room, and I'm glad you addressed where you found the idea for the lamp shade because I was going to ask you about it. ;) I might make one when we redo my daughter's room! Thanks for the inspiration!

Melissa @ No. 2 Pencil said...

This is awesome! So sweet of you to put this room together for her. Wonderful memories for mommy and daughter:0)

Unknown said...

Oh, wow! I LOVE how this turned out! I would totally do something similar in my own room, lol. I love the polka dots!! I'd be thrilled if you'd share this at my party!

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh - I absolutely LOVE it!

Creative Raisins said...

Although I love the before of this room, the after is more grown up and I love it too. Both are great.

LifeLessOrdinary said...

Just saw your makeover on Artsy Mama's blog. I like the polka dot wall and loved her old pink room too.


SoSimple said...

Very Cute and the colors are something that will grow right with her. Great Job! I'm working on my 12 yr old's room too, thanks for sharing and inspiring.

William Gulliver said...

Cool! I’m not really a fan of polka dots but seeing how well you played with those circles, I gained more respect for them. My niece is growing from being a little princess into popstar tween and in need of a room makeover. So far, I only thought of using cool/rockstar/chic colors on the new beddings and furniture. Thanks to you, I now want to add some polka dots, too!

William Gulliver