Thursday, March 31, 2011

Deployment Project # 73- Bead board Back splash..but not really

In an attempt to get my kitchen made over, I decided to do a little work to the back splash.

For some reason, my before picture is hard to see....but there was nothing on the walls between the cabinets and counters.

I had a leftover roll of bead board wallpaper (Lowe's $15), so I just put it up on the wall. Unless you look extremely close, you can't tell it's wallpaper!


The best thing about this wall paper is that it's paintable!!! 


Just a little time and I have a back spalsh that adds to the character of my kitchen!!!!!



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deployment Project #72- Drab to Shab Picture frame

Still working on my Master Bedroom...

Deployment Project # 72

Check out this gold framed Jesus picture.


Now, don't get my wrong. I do LOVE Jesus.

Just not in a gold frame.

This picture was another piece my husband and I inherited from his Grandmother recently.

You should have seen the look on my father in law's face when I asked to have it. haha I know he was thinking, "Who on earth would want this ugly picture frame?"



I coated this down with some white spray paint and replaced the glass.



Now I have a sweet picture for my bedroom with sentimental value.


I still have more projects to share, so please follow me on here or Facebook!! I would greatly appreciate it!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Deployment Project #71- Lamp Redo

Deployment Project # 71
Vintage Lamp Redo

My husband's grandmother recently passed away, and our family inherited these 1960's...1970's...matching yellow lamps.

I actually like the color of these, but I wanted them in our new bedroom, so I opted to paint them.


So, I sprayed them down with a can of gray spray paint, added a new white shade (purchased from Target) and hot glued gray ribbon around the edges.


The only cost was the $12 lamp shade and a $3 can of spray paint.  That beats spending $50 a lamp...and I needed two. 

Now I have matching lamps in my master bedroom!!


Stay tuned....I promise I am almost ready to reveal my master Bedroom later this week!!!!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Deployment Project #70 a Weekend Recap!

A quick deployment project and recap of my weekend...

Deployment Project # 70
Car Seat Cover


My sister in law needed me to make one of these for a friend's baby. These car seat covers are fantastic!!

This is an example of what they look like when on the car seat....
photo source

The cover I made is for a baby who's gender is unknown (don't know how you "don't find out people" wait that long...haha), so I made this as unisex as I could. 



And now for my weekend.....

One of my best friend's and I participated in our first Mud Run this past Saturday. 

Talk about fun!

We did the Rugged Maniac

It's a 5k race with 14 obstacles throughout....and there's no way to escape getting muddy.

Here is the BEFORE we got muddy picture...

This picture was in the paper this morning. Out of the thousands of contestants, I somehow made it in the newspaper. Pretty funny if you ask me. 

That's me on the left  in the pink shirt daintily making my way across the poles.

My other running friends ran it with me....we are all moms who meet twice a week to run together.  It was fun to have this group of friends to do this mud run with!! 



My friend, Kym and I are showing off our muddy legs! I haven't been this muddy since playing in the mud as a child!


It's safe to say my shoes and socks are ruined!!!...and I can't get the mud out of my toes.....Looks like I am headed to the nail salon for a pedi TOMORROW!!!!!

THEN, on Saturday night we headed to a ROLLER DERBY match!!!


This was our first experience in roller derby....

Did you even know they had leagues out there for this?!?!?

The girls were sooo excited...

These girls were brutal!!!!! I was just waiting on someone to break a leg....


The kids got to run off a little energy at intermission....Miss B was so excited to be out there like the big girls...


One of the roller derby girls is the sister in law to a friend of ours, so the girls got to take a picture with her. They were starstruck!

And no weekend would be complete without chatting with this hunky hot hubby of mine on Skype. 


Good gosh, I love this man of mine!

This deployment just seems to D-R-A-G on and on....

Seeing his sweet face, and not being able to reach out and touch him, breaks my heart at times.

It's been a LONG 11 months since he left for this deployment.

We have just 13 weeks left until he's home....

so close, yet so far away....

But he can't come home yet, I  have to get 30 more deployment projects done to make my goal of 100!!!!

EEEEEKKKK, I better get on the ball!

Be back tomorrow with more stuff to share!

Hope you all had a greet weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Deployment Project # 69- Filing Cabinet Makeover

I am in the process of making over my craft room....

...errr, and my master bedroom...

(I obviously have Decorators ADD. I start in one room, and before it's finished, I move on to another room.)


So, I had this awful looking filing cabinet in my craft room/office....

I haven't seen a cute filing cabinet yet, so I was determined to make mine look a little less dull.

Take a look at this ugly duckling....dented top and all...


I slapped on a coat of white paint and Mod-Podged some scrapbook paper to the doors....

...and I have a new-not-so-dull filing cabinet!!!


Simple and quick fix to any dull cabinet!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Deployment Project # 68 - More No Sew Curtains

Although I am not ready to show you my "Master Bedroom Reveal" just yet, I can give you a sneak peak at my new wall color and my new curtains....

So, meet my new wall color in my master bedroom....

(Stonington Grey by Benjamin Moore)


My plan is to have a bright, cool, welcoming master bedroom....and when I eventually show you what it looked like BEFORE, you will see what the difference a paint color can make.

So, in the mean time meet my new curtains...

Village Blue Chevron print fabric from Premier Prints.

To make these, I used iron on tape. I folded the edges over and ironed. Simple.


I am loving the blue, gray and white combination in my bedroom!!!!


...and these curtains are not even hung using a curtain rod. I simply bought push pins and pinned them up....

With 3 large window in my bedroom, I didn't want a HUGE curtain rod going all the way across the wall (not to mention how expensive that would cost) I just pinned them up....



So there is your sneaky peaky into my master bedroom redo...

...and don't you love my new scrolly mirror?!?!? (TJ Maxx $40)


I have a few more finishing touches in here to show you before I give you a shot of the entire room...

So please check back....

Have a wonderful day!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deployment Project # 67...Numbered Stairs

Back in the fall, I did redid my stair case. Actually, I paid someone to take on this task, but I say "I" because I did all the painting and staining. 

You can read all about the stair redo HERE

Sooo, the other day I bought some vinyl decal numbers and added them to my staircase. I'm such a sucker for vinyl decals.

Here is what the steps looked like right after they were finished.


...and here is what they look like after....


A small project....but a project nonetheless....

At the beginning of this deployment, I said I wanted to do 100 projects before the hubs came home. With just 15 weeks to go, I have 32 projects left to do. I have done quite a few that I haven't had the chance to blog about, so please keep checking back!!!! I have some FUN things to show you.

And I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments. I love seeing my followers list get bigger and bigger and the sweet comments come in!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Have a super day! I will be back tomorrow!

Monday, March 21, 2011


There once was this precious little girl....


....who grew in to a beautiful young lady...

...and was always with the latest fashion...even the beehive hair-do.

She married a very handsome man in the fall of 1967....

...and later had a son and a daughter.  
(Mom and me, Summer 1977)

She LOVED her children and her children loved her.  She did everything she could to make them happy.

(Mom and me, Summer 1979)

....and although she later divorced her children's father, she remained friends with him. Together they would support their children in the important times. 

She was close to her daughter.....and her daughter loved the times they were together.

Eventually, her daughter married an amazing man...and the mama couldn't have been happier with the husband God had chosen for her little girl.


A few years later, her daughter was pregnant. She called to let her mom know she was expecting a baby GIRL. At that moment, I am pretty sure the entire neighborhood heard her squealing with delight. (The man next door came running over to make sure she was okay, from what I hear. ha!)

A few months later, her first granddaughter was born, and she was on Cloud 9. 

Her life was good.
(4 generations!!! January 2003)

But within a few short months, her life changed. And anyone who knew her, their life changed as well.

This sweet lady was diagnosed with cancer....a brain tumor.

Slowly, it robbed her of well being....her quality of life....her quantity of life....


But through it all, she never lost that contagious smile. 


She could light up a room just by walking in it. Everyone loved her, because she truly loved everyone....


Rounds and rounds of chemo made her swell and feel awful, but she never let that get her down. She used every ounce of energy she had to smile, when the tumor robbed her of her ability to speak.....then walk...then move....


Her children (and granddaughter) remained the center of her life. Even though she couldn't express it, her son and daughter felt the love she had for them right up to the very end.
(Mom with my brother and me)

Today marks the 6th anniversary of my mama's passing....

Not a day goes by that I don't think about her.  

Was she perfect?


She made her mistakes, like we all do, as mothers. 

But she was perfect for me and my brother.

And she was the perfect grandmother to my daughter, who only got to enjoy her a short time. 

My world is not the same without her. 

Six years later, I still want to pick up the phone when my children do something that I know she would get a kick out of....or when I am lonely...or sad...or just want to talk.

I am sure that will never change.

I am smiling today, though, remembering those fun times I had with my mama. I had 29 short years with her. She was only mine to borrow for a little while. 

Now, she's my guardian angel, watching over me every day of my life.

And I hope...oh, how I hope....that I have made her proud. 

Because, like her, all I want to do is make my children happy.

She sure did.